Sep 26, 2008

Advanced Search Using Google

Here is a five minute video walking you through 3 tips on how to complete research in your courses using Google. I recommend you open up this link and follow along as you watch the video below.

Sep 7, 2008

Video Essays using Youtube

There is a really easy way to make video essays using Youtube. When I say video essay, what I'm referring to is most commonly known as a Video Log (vlog). You have seen these on Youtube before, they usually consist of one person sitting in front of a webcam talking. Well, have you ever considered doing that for an assignment? For those of you who have my course, you have already seen one of these this year.

Lets say you have an assignment for a course that requires you to write a paragraph, or 3 paragraphs, or the dreaded 5 paragraph essay. Well, if you get one of those for my course, feel free to replace it with a video essay.

Here is how:

1. Go to Youtube
2. Create an account if you do not have one.
3. Click Upload
4. Fill out the necessary information
5. Click Quick Capture
6. Make sure your audio and video on your webcam is working properly
7. Record

A couple hints:

1. Write out a script - I'm not saying write a long script, but make an outline or jot down key words to help you focus. We would hate to hear you ramble on for 5 minutes with no clear direction.

2. Make sure you address all the requirements of the assignment - If the assignment says it should be 3 parapgraphs, I would like roughly 15 sentences in your Video Essay.

3. Make sure your video and audio is clear before submitting

See below for a video essay about this blog entry