Dec 20, 2007

Add Your Thoughts to Videos

Imagine you are getting ready to do some research for a course. You are studying the 1st Amendment and you want to see what people have to say about it so you decide to look up videos on Youtube. Lets say you find one that has great graphics and some interesting ideas but you want to put your own twist on that video. Well, now there is an easy way to add your thoughts to the vid. Overstream allows you to put words over a video.

On the Overstream Home Page click on the 'watch demo' link to see a short overview.

So how does this work for my course?

1: Pick your video from Youtube, Google Video, or MySpaceVideo. Copy the URL.

2. Go to (initially you will have to set up an account).

I recommend watching this tutorial before your first attempt.

3. Paste your URL and begin the captioning process.

4. Submit the link through the course or an email and you're done.