May 18, 2008

Google Sites

Google Sites acts like a cross between a wiki and a website. Its as easy to use as a wiki but has a more professional look, like a webpage. Check out this student created Sites page to see for yourself.

In Sites you can upload videos and pictures, create new pages for each additional topic, customize the look of the page, and store a lot of information. Its pretty much like having your own website, but comes free with your Google account and is easy to create.

You can use Google Sites in lots of ways for my class:

  • Store your assignments on the Site, giving each of them their own page and then submitting the URL to me for a grade each time you add to the site
  • Create a single assignment on Sites and turn that in for a grade
  • Use it to store research that you are collecting for different topics in class
  • Do work for multiple courses each with their own page
  • Use it as a starting page for your school life where you keep everything organized
To find Sites, go to your Google Account and look at the top bar: