Aug 19, 2007

Video Sharing, You Know...YouTube

Video Sharing simply means people put videos on the Internet that talk about things they are interested in, think are funny, or just want to share with others. That's pretty obvious Mr. Plough, Ive been to You Tube before, duh. Okay, okay, so how does video sharing apply to this class. Several different ways:

1. If you ever want to create a video as a project for any of my classes then go for it. Since much of my work is project based, I would be happy, no, ecstatic, to accept a video project for just about anything. Here is a tutorial video that gives you an idea how to create your own vid using a common software program that many of you have. If you don't have it, get a hold of me, tell me you want to make a video and we can try to work something out. There are 'How To' videos on YouTube for many video editing programs.

2. You can use YouTube or Google Videos or another site to find videos that can be a part of a project. As long as you give credit in your project to where you found the video, or who created it if possible, than you can put the video in your project. You can embed the video (like I did above) or provide me with the link.

3. You can use video sites to look up information and learn about a topic. Say you want to know about the Civil Rights Movement for my history or CivLib courses. Simply go to YouTube, type in your search term and watch one of the videos. This will give you information that you can use for your assignments. Keep in mind who made the video as they might not have all the facts correct, so its good to double check against other resources.

Note, external sites such as You Tube often have material that may be inappropriate for children. I will never purposely provide you a video or link that has inappropriate language or content on that page. Please navigate all external sites with caution.

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Prakash said...

I am dead sure that you haven’t used for promoting your products. Otherwise you would not have been complaining.