Sep 8, 2007

"SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations on the web." Thats what it says on their website and I believe it. Its also one of the coolest communities for seeing creativity.
This exciting web 2.0 application allows you to explore ideas of others, research presentation or project material and showcase your own presentation style. Here is how I imagine you can use it in my course.

  1. Create an online slideshow. Upload your powerpoints and copy the link to send me so I can grade your assignment.
  2. Create a Slidecast. You upload your powerpoint, add a link to an mp3 file, and you get a slidecast. This will allow you to add music or your own voice to any powerpoint.
  3. Your friends/acquaintances from this course that you meet in Odyssey of the Mind can form a group in Slideshare and collaborate on assignments.
  4. Complete research by looking up slideshow presentations rather than a typical text search in Google. For example, I searched the term 'civil rights' and this is the slideshow that came up at the top of the list.
Here is my first Slide Cast = Podcast (mp3) + powerpoint

Click this link to watch a A SLIDESHARE TUTORIAL

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