Sep 9, 2007

Using Google Docs Instead of.............

..............any other Word Processing program.

I would highly recommend to all my students that they use Google Docs instead of a traditional program for completing any project or assignment you choose to do in an essay format. It is an online word processing program that allows you to invite others to view, edit, or work on your document with you. Below are some of the key benefits that Google Docs has over Word, Open Office, Works, Adobe and other word processing programs.

  • The most important benefit of using Google Docs is that you can share it with anyone. I would love to see you collaborating with other students on a project using g.d. You could create a document and then invite other group members to continually edit it with you until you got the final product. Remember, you can meet students in your class by joining Odyssey of the Mind.
  • You can also share it with me before you turn it in. This might be the single best benefit of using g.d for our course. The best part about this feature is that I can give you some feedback or answer your questions about your work before I ever have to grade it. When you need a hand, just go to the 'Share' button to invite me to edit it.

Here is how it works:
  1. Log into Google Docs, you may need to create a new Google account first.
  2. Go to 'NEW' on the left side, select 'document' from the dropdown menu
  3. Either upload an existing assignment, cut and paste a doc you have on your computer, or start typing from scratch.
  4. When you need help or feel like you could benefit from suggestions, 'Share' it with me. All you need to know is my school email and select 'Share' from the top right hand side. Invite collaborators, and send me an invitation. Thats it.
  5. When done, 'Publish' the url and send me the link. Or if you want, save it in a traditional format like .rtf or .doc for easy uploading.

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